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We Value your privacy

Biz Planss is devoted to offer you complete security by providing you online privacy along with the most constructive and pleasurable web possible experience. You can benefit from all the features of Biz Planss without disclosing your name but in order to have access on our finest content and services you need to give your personal information.

How we collect and use personal Information

After filling out our order form, we compile information about you and your business to draft the design of your logo and other graphic design services. The information that is provided by you to us is kept confidential from other companies.

How we protect your personal information

The personal data that you provide on Biz Planss is encrypted with secure server software (SSL) that encodes the information before it is send to us by your web browser. The SSL software translates the data only when it arrives to our server. It means that your personal information is fully secured and can’t be hacked by any one at the time of transit. The data has once arrived to our website; we use the same state-of-art software to protect all of our company’s important data that keeps your data secure too.  In order to use the most secured technology available, we work effortlessly to ensure the security of your data and to make sure that we are using your information only in a way you have allowed to.

How we use “cookies”

As you are most likely aware that ‘’cookies’’ are tiny pieces of information that are being stored on your computer’s hard drive by some web sites while visiting them. There are some websites that accept cookies but let you to adjust security settings to allow or disapprove cookies on the basis of case-by-case. Even if you don’t use cookies, you can still enjoy access on all the features of our website.

What we provide to third parties

Bizz planss does not share your personal data with third-party; you will also need to provide your personal data to the payment gateway for the dispensing of your order.

Obtaining your consent

By accessing our website, you allow Biz Planss to gather information about the pages aid to you anonymously by the user to calculate cumulative site statistics. If you are 18 years old, you should not give your name, email address, or any sort of information regarding your identity without your parent’s permission or else as per the appropriate law.

In case of any changes related to our privacy policy, the updates will be posted on this page so that it will be always under your knowledge that what sort of information is collected, how it is used and under what conditions we unveil it.

Tell us what you think

Your questions and comments regarding our privacy policy are always welcomed with open arms by Biz Planss.

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