The executive summary is about what your target audience will read first, turning it into the most read segment of a business plan. It summaries your entire report into 1 or 2 pages and it is drafted with a very specific strategy that the reader instantly gets acquainted with all your services.

We will spend significant time, effort and ingenuity in your Executive Summary to charm the readers about you and your vision.

This part plays a primary role in your plan; it presents your business, the reason behind your business existence, how you initiated it, its idea and much more… If you’re looking for investment then this chapter is a must, as it introduces your business to the investor and sells its services as an opportunity that will give the investors a good return on their money.

The products and services part outlines all your major offerings to your customers. This chapter is well-drafted to give either investors or internal stakeholders an exceptional understanding of how you have organized the pricing and selling process of each product and how it fits into your financial targets.

The market analysis provides a detailed view of your industry, the potential threats and opportunities, and your strengths and weaknesses. This section includes all the factors and statistics necessary to claim, your business objectives, target market, competitors and how you aim to create a position in the market.

Do you know your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What strategies do they employ to lead in the market? Our team can help you with that! Having an idea about your competitors is as Crucial as knowing your customers.

The Competitive Analysis help creating a unique selling point that would make you distinctive and pinpoint your competitive advantage.

Recognizing your target market is very essential. Not only for the marketing purpose but also to show your potential investors that you have a complete idea about where your revenues are going to come from. Highlighting your target market along with the clear demographics will make your proposal or business plan more reliable for all the readers, be it your investors or stakeholders. Our team of expert researchers and writers include charts, trends and demographic analysis to make it more comprehensive and attractive.

The marketing plan is intended to attract customers and inform them about new products and services. It includes detail information about the unique features of your product or service, an effective pricing strategy, sales and distribution of your products and lastly how you are intending to promote your product.

The market entry strategy is one of the most significant components of business plans. It highlights the potential obstacles and rivalry you might face while entering the new market or segment. Is this market well established or new, which strategies will help effectively and efficiently help you compete with your competitors to bag a recognizing position in the market?  We can help you decide the best strategy using our optimal research skills and techniques.

The Porter’s five force model plays a major role in transforming your idea into a robust business plan. This model is used to evaluate the key elements which underline the structure of your industry and help develop an effective business strategy.  It advises about your existing rivals, threats of new entrants, brands that can substitute you and the bargaining power of suppliers and buyers.

The S.W.O.T. analysis is another widely used research tool, used to examine the core areas of your business to develop an effective business strategy, such as weaknesses of your company, its strengths, the potential opportunities that you have in the market and the possible threats you should be aware of. All of these four elements are important to consider while constructing a good business strategy.

The financial plan is the most imperative section of your business plan. As it highlights the potential profits, financial trends, cash flow balance, repayments, and other financial information that is important for the investors and lenders.

This section includes 3 or 5 years Income Statement, a Monthly and Yearly Cash Flow Statement, a Pro Forma Balance Sheet and Financial Ratios.  Our Team includes background information to detail how to reach each a certain financial position in order to make overall financial forecast easy to understand and executable.

A strong conclusion to a business plan can strengthen the support you want to raise your business. An effective conclusion can help make your investors feel as confident as you do. It outlines your overall vision and gives the readers a call to action that will encourage them to work with you.

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